There are almost 400 students in the English learning program in Bismarck Public Schools.

That’s why few local organizations are looking to educate the community about the different cultures that exist in Bismarck.

People from all walks of life went around the world tonight at the Bismarck Public Library.

They were getting a taste of all the cultures that exist right here in the capitol city.

Bismarck Public School teamed up with Bismarck Library and local non profit Global Neighbors to take community members around the world.

“We’re hoping to educate the larger community both on the diversity that exist in Bismarck just in general. So people could come and see all the great diversity around them. Also for families that are newer to our community, we want them to know about some of the services available,” says Traci Juhala, the head of youth services at Bismarck Public Library.

The night was filled with music, performances, activities — and story telling in other languages.

A dome was used to tell stories of indigenous people.

“My passion is promoting culture and language. Indigenous language and culture,” shares Kathryn Froelich, Central Regional Educational Association Cultural Coordinator.

Tonight’s event is one way they plan on bringing together the families of English learning students from across Bismarck public schools.

The green card voices photo exhibit was also a feature at the event.

People simply scan a photo with their phone and watch the video of a student living in the state that immigrated here from another country.

“It’s inspiring. To see all these success stories of kids who came out of, some of them, very challenging circumstances. And now they’re living happy lies in Fargo,” shares Juhala.

“It’s like good to know people from other cultures because it will help bring the world together,” shares Mehdia Amiri.

The around the world event was funded through the BPS Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy grant.