Correction: An earlier version of this story left the ‘s’ off of ‘Rivers’ in the Raging Rivers Waterpark name. This story has been updated to reflect this.

If you want a little bit of summer fun this weekend, Raging Rivers Waterpark in Mandan is back open for all ages.

The waterpark had its opening day Thursday, and this weekend will be the first weekend of the season for the waterpark.

Leading lifeguard Natalie Haroldson says there were at least 150 people out to enjoy some fun.

“Make sure you’re not coming off your tube in the tube slide, that’s the main one; make sure you’re walking everywhere and just being aware of your surroundings,” said Haroldson.

Now, let us dive into those out and about.

People from all over are traveling to local recreation centers and parks to get in some water and for this Williston class, it’s an extra special treat.

“We came out today for a celebration with our fifth graders, they actually won a class competition for an exercise-a-thon. So, in the month of April and May, we ran a little competition K to 12, just to promote overall health, especially recovering from the last two years of the pandemic,” said Williston Trinity Christian School School Administrator Jeremy Thomas.

Thomas says their fifth graders chose an exercise, raised money for their school, set some goals and won a fun day at the water park.

“It’s pretty nice because we were stuck inside for so long and it was freezing. I just moved here so it’s all new to me, the cold but, it’s really nice to be out in the sun finally,” said Petra Thomas.

Thomas shared her favorite part about the park with KX:

“I like the lazy river just because you can get to chill with your friends and tan and it’s not too extreme on the slides,” said Thomas.

Haroldson has one more reminder before you head out into the fun this summer…

“Make sure to stay hydrated, wear your sunscreen, follow the rules, be cautious of other people and have fun,” Haroldson added.