The history of our world with a visit of a friend of local Rabbi Yonah Grossman.

Discussing and learning stories from the Holocaust.

Rabbi Grossman works with The Chabad Jewish Center of North Dakota and is dedicated to providing a positive Jewish experience and living for locals in the state.

Rabbi Grossman works to connect North Dakotans to the history of the past and serve the needs of the Jewish community.

KX was able to speak with his great friend Yechiel Silber.

Silber says he was raised by his grandparents who were both Holocaust survivors.

Silber says the Holocaust was once a very sensitive topic in his home.

But once his grandfather was ready to open up, he learned many life lessons.

“I think It’s very important for people to continue to be aware of what happened to the Jewish people and because if we’re not going to look at history then it has a chance of repeating and all forms of hate are dangerous, I also think that people need to carry a message that there’s nothing wrong with who you are because you are that thing. Wether it’s your race, or religion, your ethnicity, nationality, etc,”says Silber.

Silber says people should be proud of who they are and take that away from the history of the holocaust.

And if you want to learn more about the Holocaust, you can do that locally.

The Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public library now has an exhibit dedicated to the Holocaust.

The exhibit features many graphics and there is even a book list for people to learn more about the genocide.

The library staff says they are excited to have the exhibit here in Bismarck, and are here to help the community learn more.

There will also be events and guest speakers throughout the month including a special guest for Holocaust remembrance day.

The exhibit will be open to the public all day and every day until May 3rd.
And Silber says he appreciates exhibits like this so his families history is forever remembered.