A look at net neutrality, 3 years after the rules were repealed

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Net neutrality was a hot button topic just a few years ago.

With it, internet service providers are not allowed to intentionally slow down, block or charge money for online content. All internet was treated equally by law until net neutrality was repealed by the FCC in late 2017, leaving room for internet companies to decide what you can and can not see.

Local tech expert Marlo Anderson breaks it down: “Let’s say Netflix doesn’t want Hulu to be available in North Dakota. So Netflix gets ahold of Midcontinent and says, ‘You know what? We’ll give you $50 million and you have to turn off Hulu.’ They might look at $50 million and go, ‘Oh my goodness, we won’t allow our customers, now, to have Hulu.'”

Anderson says he hasn’t seen any notable instances of internet companies taking advantage of the net neutrality rollback yet, but he expects it will happen as time goes on because there’s nothing stopping it from happening.

He says he sees the advantage from a business owner’s perspective, especially for smaller internet providers, but he’s a strong believer in restoring net neutrality.

Anderson adds, anyone could influence the internet for the right dollar amount, including government organizations, religious groups, you name it.

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