BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — It’s been about a year since the war broke out in Ukraine, and citizens there are still in need of help.

Pastor Brad Miller with the Charity Lutheran Church and his team of three left for Ukraine on December 10 to set out to help refugees there.

Pastor Miller, Parishioner Donavon Hatzenbuhler, and a Chaplain from Iowa made it their mission to help those in Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine.

Pastor Miller said the trip, although in a stressful war zone, was a success.

The mission trip cost $27,000 and all the money raised was donated by church members and other Bismarck residents. They supplied refugees with over four tons of food, 600 military challenge coins, and 1,000 Christmas cards decorated by the Charity Lutheran Church’s congregation.

“A lot of people with tears in their eyes. Some of those were tears of gratitude. Some of those were tears of the accumulated stress and grief. We did as much pastoral care and prayer as we could with people at each of the stops,” said Pastor Miller.

This was not the first mission trip Pastor Miller has been on. Seven years ago, he spent time in Iraq working on a mission trip there.

Pastor Miller said that the sound of the artillery in Iraq did not come close to what is happening in Ukraine.

With the advanced artillery of the Russians, shots were being fired off constantly.

He and his crew made it back eight days later on December 17. Although he said he felt blessed to help others, there is still a hole in his heart knowing there is more to be done.

“We saw so much farmland that had been mined from the Russians and had exploded and unexploded artillery littering the farmscape. All of those farmers, we would like to see have a first aid kit,” said Pastor Miller.

The crew of three is leaving again after Easter this year to help the farmers in the area.

Wednesday at the Charity Lutheran Church, they will be announcing this new mission trip to the public at 7 p.m.

Pastor Miller also said they are looking for more military volunteers and hope to raise $100,00 to go help with donated food and equipment.