MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Every city has a story, and many start in the downtown area. But every few years, our main streets need an upgrade. That’s why NDSU architecture students took a trip to downtown Minot.

NDSU’s architecture department was selected a few years ago to bring renovation to Medora’s downtown area, and this trend continues in 2023. The 16 students walked the streets to collect data and ideas for the heart of the Magic City, where they talked about the need for more green space, better travel flow, and better housing options.

The city’s partnership with NDSU is all part of Gov. Doug Burgum’s main street initiative to bring vibrant downtown areas to cities in our state. The students will meet with professors and get to work on their visions of growth in downtown Minot.

“The cool thing is about bringing them in is they come in with a fresh slate,” said President and CEO of the Minot Chamber EDC Brekka Kramer. “None of them have real close Minot ties, they are from all over. And they are coming in coming in and looking at the community of what they think, what makes a downtown vibrant. What are the things they see are missing? What is it that they can envision and bring to our community? So, we’re really excited to see what that looks like.”

The students’ ideas for Minot will be presented to city leaders in May.