MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — As Minot’s population continues to grow and more business and an updated Hospital comes to the city, roads could be packed.

With Minot expanding, crowded roads make it difficult to navigate the city. Ward County is taking note of this and plans to do something about it.

Around five years ago, there was a transportation study for those who live here with the DOT approving a popular southwest corridor request to make it easier to get around Minot for all commercial, ag, and military traffic.

Dana Larsen, Ward County Engineer, said, “The need was urgent. We needed to address it sooner than the southeast, but we wanted to look at all the pieces. So we made sure a southeast and southwest connecter would tie in.”

This study looked at a lot of routes and public input to determine the correct projects to fund.

In the next project, County Roads 17 and 14 would be the most ideal corridor with multiple phases in this plan.

The phases not only help with construction, but they make it easier to give more detail when applying for grants.

Getting grants and obtaining funding will make it easier for your project to get approved in the city.

And if you want to voice your opinions, you can do so at any of Minot’s public meetings.

Larsen stated, “At that time, the commission adopted the study, and we were looking at possibly improving intersections on County Road 17 where it ties into 14 and US 52, so we have a sense of what we applied for funding to improve those intersections.”

North Dakota seeks funding through the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity grant program, also called the RAISE grants.

These grants help communities build transportation projects that have significant local or regional impacts and improve safety and equality which is exactly what Minot says they need.

Half of the funding from this federal grant program will go towards projects in rural areas, and half of the funding will go to projects in urban areas.