Sunday, Bismarck hosted a lunch benefit and auction at 40 Steaks and Seafood.

The event included food, music and many different local businesses including Stones On the Pathway Jewelry and Collectible Sales — but the cause of the event is what truly brought the community together.

Jacob Chmielewski, at 26 years old, lost his hand in a boat motor explosion at Lake Tschida — and it has since affected his everyday life.

Jacob’s brother, Joshua came up with the idea to create a GoFundMe to get Jacob a prosthetic hand.

Jacob said a prosthetic hand would allow him to continue his passion for racing and working on cars, and that the community support is unbelievable and more than expected.

He added he didn’t think he made such an impact on the people he has met in life.

The first thing he would do with his new prosthetic hand is pick up and hold his nieces and nephews.

To support Jacob and his family be sure to visit