Bismarck’s Welcome House Walk or Run was held this morning, with around 51 participants out to support.

The event was held to bring awareness to the homelessness in our community.

We spoke with Vincent McCloud, the house’s executive director, who tells us another big goal of the run was to simply connect families with temporary shelter and supportive resources that lead to self-sufficiency.

It also was a time to bring awareness and to raise funds for the welcome house.

McCloud says that the event was awesome, and they had a better turnout than expected, in fact, he says it was the best turnout since starting the walk-run.

The theme this year was “Every step for a purpose”.

The event featured families who successfully moved out as well as families still at the Welcome House. 

They got to speak before and after the walk-run at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

 One of the men who was featured ran the run without his shoes on because that was the way he showed up to North Dakota, homeless and no shoes on…

And Helen White, who sits on the board of directors, says the welcome house relies on grants and donations to stay in operation so if you are interested in helping or volunteering be sure to visit