Many people in our communities are finding ways to help others especially during the pandemic, and one Williston woman did just that today by hosting a day-long event to make sure no one has to go without.

Just north of Williston, inside the Four Point Sheraton hotel you’ll find Caroline Rosenburg the founder of the non-profit Special Wishes 4

“I started this group in December of 2019. The group is basically for people that are needed,” Rosenburg said.

To help those in need Rosenburg has hosted various events giving away fee items that are donated by the community.

You can find just about anything from appliances, to clothes, and even toys.

“Whatever anyone needs, I collect,” she said.

She says the group is made up of more than a dozen volunteers who help keep these events running smoothly.

One of them is Auri Ogden who is also the non-profits general manager.

“This is just a way to give back to the local community,” Ogden said.

And, Sandra Griffith, who says she was introduced to the non-profit after being on the other side of the table.

“I was actually one of them who actually before I helped out I was needing some stuff for my daughter who I just had in March and if it wasn’t for Caroline putting on Special Wishes I wouldn’t have been able to get everything I needed for my daughter,” Griffith said.

Rosenburg says she’s helped over 2,000 people in the last year and it possibly could’ve been more if the pandemic wasn’t in the way.

“I tried to hold four events a year, but last year I was only able to hold two due to COVID, but this year I’m trying to have at least four,” Rosenburg said.

With more than a few hundred people attending her first event of the new year she feels she’s on the right track.

“I get so many, you’re an angel, you’re a blessing, you’re going straight to heaven, thank you so much – we had nothing, now we have everything. I get all of that constantly and it just makes me tear up,”

Rosenburg says the non-profit has a Special Wishes 4 Facebook group where people can find future event information.

Plus, it’s a place to find things if you’re in need, or, post things you’re able to give away for free.