BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The Burleigh County Senior Center held a special class for seniors on Monday, October 23, with the intent of helping them stay safe while on the road.

The four-hour course focused on vehicle safety features, the vehicle itself, and being physically and mentally capable of driving. The class also touched on driving laws and rules of the road.

Instructor Norbert Mayer states that classes like these are important, no matter what your age.

“We always need an update on those skills,” he explained. “We have a new set of videos, and the one part I’m most excited about is the technology that the new vehicles have. Those technologies, I think, are just a great thing — they help us to be better and safer drivers. Yet, a lot of people are reluctant to get a newer vehicle. I think they are great.”

Those attending the class were excited to learn more about the newer technology, as well as have the opportunity to refresh their knowledge of the rules of the road.

Michael Carroll, who was taking the class, says that he learned plenty of new information on Monday regarding safety laws and different impairments. He says he initially signed up for the class to get a discount off of insurance but really enjoyed learning.

“We’re never too old to learn,” Carroll noted. “There’s always something new coming out. And they change the laws every once and a while, so we want to keep up to date on them. I’m a big learner. I like to learn.”

For more information on the class, visit the AARP’s website using this link.