BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — All of this snow piled on main roads and neighborhood streets means some neighbors can’t get out. And some of those who didn’t make it far even left their cars behind.

But Bismarck police officers say there are some options for help.

If you can’t reach a family member or friend to pull you out, call the Bismarck Police Department immediately.

They’ll come to find you and try to dig your car or truck out and call a tow truck if they have to.

And, you may not think of the police as the first ones to call when you get stuck, police say abandoning your vehicle only slows down the snow removal process, and uses even more police resources.

“The plows get up to your vehicle, they have to stop. They call us, we have to come out. We run the license plate. Phone numbers aren’t attached to the registration, so we have to go digging through in-house files to see if we have a phone number for this person, and if we don’t we have to call a tow. Then they have to come out and move the vehicle and it just dramatically slows down the plows,” said Michael Paulson, traffic unit officer for the Bismarck Police Department

All abandoned vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.

BPD says if you do venture out, be prepared with winter gear, a shovel, and an emergency kit.