MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Officials at one of our state’s airports are making sure everyone is ready in case the worst should happen.

We all know the normal routine at the airport, you check your bags, go through TSA and wait to board your plane, but what happens if something goes horribly wrong.

The Minot International Airport is making sure that their staff is prepared in an emergency situation.

“We need to know how to respond to different types of emergencies and so we do that through this type of training,” said Minot International Airport Director, Jennifer Eckman.

The Minot Police Department, along with the North Dakota Highway Patrol and members of the Minot Air Force Base, all worked together to provide the TSA and airport staff with proper training.

This drill and training event takes place every two years, along with a disaster training that happens every three making sure everyone is prepared for whatever.

“Living your life with awareness and thinking about these things and thinking about it ahead of time and anytime you prepare yourself mentally, you’re going to be that much more prepared to handle something if a critical instance happened in the moment,” said Minot Police Department Operations Commander, Justin Sundheim.

During the classroom part of the training, TSA agents taught topics like how to get those in need to points of safety and evacuation.

They were then put to the test with a live drill that reenacted a real life scenario.

“We talk a little bit about are you safe where you are or do you need to get someplace safer. As that situation unfolds that’s very fluid, you know, we just give them some different things to think about because every space is different, every situation is different,” added Sundheim.

Eckman agrees this training saves lives.

Minot police say these drills are all about handling these situations safely and efficiently, testing the skills of all involved.