ADA Compliant Sidewalks Being Installed in the Magic City

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MINOT – You may notice a lot of construction in the Magic City but not all of the work being done is on the roads.

The city is installing new sidewalks to improve access for people with disabilities.

To be in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, crews will be installing new sidewalks in some areas and in others they will be placing yellow warning pads.
We talked to the City Engineer today and he tells us this project will take some time.

“Right now were taking a look at areas were we have existing pads and sidewalks that are up for reconstruction or maintenance so. One of the ones we want to take a look at is 16th street southwest, kind of by Minot High and then south of the hill. That was one of our first pads installed in Minot, so its over 20 years old and its start to show quite a bit of wear and tear.” says Lance Meyer, City Engineer.

The sidewalk and pedestrian ramp work is a huge project in the city. Meyer tells us there are a couple of thousand sites where pedestrian ramps either need to be installed, or are in need of repair, and that alone will take years to complete.

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