BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The first heavy snowfall of the season is on the way and the Bismarck Fire Department is asking for help from Bismarck residents.

According to a news release, there are over 4,500 fire hydrants in the city, and many of them can become inaccessible due to snow accumulation.

The Bismarck Fire Department is asking for everyone’s help in clearing snow from around the hydrants by “adopting” a hydrant this winter.

This helps to significantly reduce the time it takes for the fire department to get water on the fire by ensuring that fire crews can find and access the hydrant when it’s needed the most.

By helping the fire department, you could save your neighbor’s house to your own in an emergency.

When “Adopting a Hydrant,” you are committing to taking a little extra time and effort to clear a space around the hydrant after it snows.

The snow should be cleared to the ground level for three to four feet around the hydrant, and a clear path to the street.

This gives firefighters the space they need to attach hoses and turn on the water in case of a fire in the neighborhood.

if you are a business owner, please take time to ensure the hydrants in your area are kept clear also.

Bismarck’s “Adopt a Hydrant” map can be found here.

The Bismarck Fire Department wishes to thank everyone for helping keep the community safe.

For more information, contact the Bismarck Fire Department on their website.