MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Right now, most builders and contractors are taking a break from the job site until the spring.

That’s why many contractors are in Minot to talk about the construction industry and plans for next year.

The Associated General Contractors of North Dakota visited Minot for a two-day convention, where contractors throughout the state come to network.

This convention covered a lot of topics, and now, they have the chance to put what they learned into action.

And it’s not just about building homes and businesses, it’s also about building each other.

“This year we are having a special emphasis on mental health and suicide in the construction industry. We’ve got a breakout session, and then our keynote speaker this morning spoke about that. Many people don’t realize that the construction industry has one of the highest rates of mental health issues and suicide attempts,” said Associated General Contractors of North Dakota Executive Vice President, Russell Hanson.

The contracting industry is also facing significant challenges due to inflation as it raises the cost of building supplies, machinery, skilled labor, and other resources.

This type of inflation affects both the supply chain and project completion. Also, it is causing lower profit margins statewide.

“The cost of projects because the materials are not as readily available and when they are available, the costs are higher,” added Hanson.

Those at the AGC Convention say that inflation isn’t the only problem they are currently encountering.

Contractors are also experiencing workforce shortages, which cause contractors to up their pay in order to draw in the workers that they need.

“73% of the survey that was taken of contractors across the country said that workforce shortages was their number one concern. I find that extremely surprising, predicated on the fact that we’re talking about economics, we’re talking about whole political issues that are at hand,” said AGC of America Vice President, Thomas Brown.

Even with the challenges this industry faces. the AGC is confident that contractors will find a way to rise above it all.

North Dakota is growing, with both people and businesses coming here, which means someone always has to build.

This was the first time in four years that Minot hosted this convention as it rotates between Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks, and Minot.