As reported earlier this month, the closure of Glasser Images left many clients without their wedding photos and out thousands of dollars.

Parrell Grossman, director of the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection and Anti-Trust Division, said about 486 consumer complaints and 25 complaints from sub-contractors have been filed requesting restitution totaling $1.3 million.

This all relates to clients who paid for services and haven’t received any photos or videos. Complaints have come from 22 cities across the state.

“We believe in any circumstance in which a business promises to deliver services and takes money and doesn’t do so that the individual owners of those businesses are personally liable to consumers. They promise those consumers; you give me your money and I will provide a product or service,” Grossman said.

He said the Attorney General’s Office will continue to work with Jack Glasser and his attorneys to investigate what happened within the last two years ago, and how it ties into the recent closure and refund requests.