BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — According to U.S. News in 2019, North Dakota ranked third in the nation for the best water and air quality.

Air quality is important because we all need air to live, but the quality of the air can be affected by different things.

This includes smog, and smoke from wildfires, which made last year’s air quality bad in our state.

There are also some factors that help North Dakota maintain clean air quality.

“We do have a lot of wind which helps with the mixing and the moving air around, which helps. It can be a detriment too. It can bring the smoke in so the wind also brings the smoke to us, but it also helps get rid of it. It can take it out of the state and mix it. And our topography plays a big role. For the most part, we’re flat, rolling hills,” said Ryan Mills, the manager of ambient air monitoring at the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality.

Mills says people can monitor the air quality using the website to see the most updated air quality numbers around the nation.