Airport, Oil Rigs Are Neighbors Near Williston

Local News

The new airport in Williston is being constructred right alongside a major area of oil and gas production.
Oasis Petroleum owns many of the rigs that are neighbors to XWA.
And airport director Anthony Dudas says the company has been helpful in making the arrangement work.

He says Oasis has paid for the extra land needed to move the main access road to the airport away from a busy set of oil rigs.
And he says the company installed the new road – which will be getting paved over the next several weeks.

(Anthony Dudas, Williston Airport Director) “This airport is driven a lot by the energy industry and the amount they require for transportation to get to an from the Williston Basin. And of course it supports the rest of our region and our public as well.”

The paving of the road leading to the new airport is scheduled to be finished by the end of next month.

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