MINOT AIR FORCE BASE, N.D. (KXNET) — All month long, the Minot Air Force Base has been honoring and showing appreciation for the women who work there.

And we are ending Women’s History Month with these local heroes.

On Thursday, a 91st Missile Wing flight took off, with an all-female 54th Helicopter Squadron crew that dropped off an all-women missileer crew at a missile alert facility.

“It was pretty awesome. I mean, we don’t really have that many females in our career field and even here. like we have one aircraft commander that’s a female and I’m the only flight engineer so it’s pretty awesome getting to have an all-female crew and get to experience that,” said Airman First Class Erin Corley, a flight engineer.

The 5th Bomb Wing also had a flight on Thursday that held an all-female crew, including maintainers and aircrew.

The B-52 pilot says highlighting women in the airforce is amazing and beneficial because it can also help make necessary changes.

“One of the big things right now that Global Strike is looking at is female fitment. So it’s getting us things that fit correctly. Equipment such as helmets, flight suits, all that kind of stuff. And we’re making big strides in that. Getting helmets that fit a little bit smaller heads. Getting flight suits that fit the frame of women better,” said Captain Kristen Allen, a B-52 pilot.

And a B-52 maintainer says it’s nice that the Minot Air Force Base made the all-women crew happen throughout the month.

“It’s a little nerve-wracking sometimes because you’re like am I saying or doing the right thing but just to know that there are girls out there just like me from small towns that can make such a big difference just doing the smallest thing like screwing a screw, and that jet going off to do things that help our countries and our freedoms is amazing,” said Airman First Class Makenzie Proffitt.

In March of 2016, the Air Force made history when 90 female missileers served on simultaneous alert at the three missile wings and all-female B-52 crews flew from Minot and Barksdale.