BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine.

Many countries condemned the the invasion, but countries have had their hands tied because of their reliance on energy imported from Russia.

Russia is a global energy giant, both in terms of production and trade. And according to the American Experiment North Dakota, it was the third largest producer of petroleum and other liquids in 2021.

But now, energy leaders are saying if we depend on unreliable energy that only increases dependency on Russia.

“When you look at wind and solar, it is just a fact on how they operate. They are weather dependent, and they are import dependent,” said Julie Fedorchak, North Dakota Public Service Commissioner.

Leaders say one major solution is for the United States to increase their own natural gas.

“We have to increase natural gas production just for our own demand and we also should be increasing natural gas production to help other countries,” said Fedorchak.

This winter there will be a 25% increase in home heating costs for North Dakotans.

“That’s right here in North Dakota. Sitting on these vast doors of natural gas that we could be producing to help mitigate those costs,” said Fedorchak. “It just takes more political will and better federal policies to make that happen.”

The Russian invasion has brought policymakers in a number of countries to realize that depending on a regime for energy has its downfalls.

“They have basically said they are not going to take responsibility for our own energy security, and we are going to import from other countries,” said Issac Orr, a policy fellow for American Experiment. “That is ultimately why they are in the pickle that they are in.”

Energy leaders say they propose a plan of having the United States produce abundant cheap energy to lower global energy prices and make America energy independent again.