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The pandemic has caused many shortages across the country, from toilet paper to PPE, but one shortage has been going on for some time — and that’s with gun ammunition.

“Right now, ammunition and firearms are tough to come by,” Rob Fuller said.

Fuller, who is the owner of Spartan Firearms, a gun range and retail store in Minot, says he’s felt first-hand the effects of this ammunition shortage.

“You hear grumbles and gripes, which I mean it’s understandable, we’re all in the same boat. I wish I had more to sell to everybody too,” he said.

Fuller says there are a list of reasons for the shortage, but there’s one he feels stands out the most.

“Federal put out a little video last month with the president of federal ammunition and he said that last year 7 million new gun owners purchased guns and he said if each one of them buys a hundred rounds of ammunition that’s 7 billion extra rounds we have to produce,” Fuller said.

But he says that’s almost become impossible.

“Most manufacturers are having trouble keeping up with demand if there able to stay open,” he said.

With the demand being so high, Fuller says manufacturers have upped their prices which has ultimately trickled down to storefronts like his own.

“On my range, ammunition, I’ve had a 37% price increase from last October pretty much across the board,” he said.

Joe Perry, a first-time gun buyer from Williston, says he bought his gun early last year for simple protection and training, but he says he’s second-guessing himself now.

“Every time I try to go get ammo, it gets harder and harder especially with this ammo crisis that’s going on, the shortage, it’s starting to be like the gun was a waste of money,” Perry said.

Fuller says there’s also a shortage in primer too, which is the chemical responsible for gun barrel combustion. But he says all we can do now is just weather the storm the best we can.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, there’s no timeline as to how long this shortage in ammo could last.

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