An 11-year-old girl is helping 11-month-old foster puppy

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An 11-year-old girl falls in love with an 11-month-old puppy…But this puppy needs more than love…she needs a leg saving surgery.

“I love her and I really just wanted to help her so she wouldn’t be in pain and stuff,” said Mali Ward, 11-year-old.

That’s Mali Ward, and this is Rose. She’s a boxer mix puppy.
She showed up in November as a stray to the Souris Valley Animal Shelter with mange and a limp.

“She was underweight, she had a skin condition that was going on at the time that we needed to treat and that took quite a few weeks just to kind of get that to start to heal up,” said Kristine Seabolt, director of shelter operations at Souris Valley Animal Shelter.

After she gained some weight, Mali’s grandmother offered to foster Rose, but Rose’s limp wasn’t getting any better and needed hip surgery.
The surgery is between $1,100 and $1,600.

That’s where Mali jumped in.

“She just went and we bought a piece of tag board, she took pictures and she posted them, and she wanted to have a lemonade stand for the puppy to help,” said Cynthia Misner, Mali’s grandmother.

Mali set up shop in the shelter and offered lemonade to everyone who walked through the door. The shelter also has a Facebook fundraiser. Rose’s surgery is scheduled for Monday, June 24 at Pinkerton animal hospital.

“Sorry Katie and Oreo, but she’s my favorite puppy. And I love her with all my heart,” said Ward.

As for her love of animals, she comes by it honestly.

“I want to be exactly how my dad is. He works at the animal shelter, he helps walk the animals, he fosters animals,” Ward added.

After Rose’s surgery, she will take a few months to heal. The shelter will determine if she can be put up for adoption.

For now, though, it just a girl and her foster puppy…And a lemonade stand.

In the meantime, that lemonade stand raised $83. Over $900 has been raised so far. The shelter’s fundraiser is here.

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