Just days after, on June 25, record-high waters swept through the city.

Although businesses, parks, and homes have since been rebuilt, people in the area still remember the fear of the days ahead of the devastation, and soon after.

“I think also it was unrealistic to people at that time beforehand before the alarms went off so people were unclear about what was going to happen so when it did finally resonate that this is really going to happen, I think there was a little bit of panic going on,” Minot Resident Amanda Burner said.

“It affected like a lot like we had like all of our stuff was ruined. It was all moldy and then we barely got like any of our clothes back. We had to buy a lot of clothes. We only had the clothes that were on our backs,” Minot Resident Izaiah Grant said.

To this day, the City of Minot continues work on its billion dollar flood protection plan.