A salon owner by day and dance instructor by night, one North Dakota woman says she helps create confidence in young people by teaching them to dance.

Vanessa Lange is a Bismarck woman who has a full load. She is a co-owner at Hi Honey Salon in downtown Bismarck, working eight to five most days. After that, she drops her kids off and heads to Simle Middle School where she works until 8:30 p.m. as the Sparteens drill team coach.

Why all the long hours? Lange says it’s beneficial to the kids and finds fulfillment in it. She also says it’s important to teach the next generation of leaders to have values and confidence.

“We want them to be strong independent women and we need to make sure they are confident when they hit the floor,” said Lange. “Girls are not known for having great confidence, especially in this middle school age so we’re trying to just build that up. ”

She said she is part of a group on Facebook called RISE ND that empowers women across the state and she hopes to do the same with the next generation.