“Doing the dishes” takes on a totally different meaning at KX News…and they’re not the same dishes we all do at home — they’re satellite dishes.

Every hour on the hour, someone braves the blizzard conditions to clear the snow off the huge satellite dishes outside the building.

KX News in Minot is where master control is, which is what keeps us on the air, at all times, throughout the entire region.

Our master control operators have been tasked with clearing snow off of the satellite dishes so that the signal doesn’t go down, and the rest of us can broadcast the news to our viewers.

“We send out all four cities channels, so we send out Bismarck, Dickinson, Williston and Minot. We also send out the CW, the Laff channel and the Escape channel,” Assistant Broadcast Engineer Kalib Kliniske said.

Big thanks to Rhys, Oliva and Kalib for “doing the dishes.”