Angel’s Wish in Watford City helping out with overpopulation of cats

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A pair of women in Watford City are stepping up to fix what they say is a serious issue.

Angel’s Wish TNR Founder Ardith Favorite said, “I was always dragging cats in on the farm.”

Angel’s Wish TNR Founder Susie Cole said, “I was a fast lover of cats from kindergarten on.”

For a little more than a year, Favorite and Cole have operated a non-profit catch and release cat organization in Watford City.

“We started off as Trap, Neuter, Rescue Foundation just trapping feral cats, getting them fixed and vaccinated against rabies,” Favorite said.

She says their services especially grew after one particular encounter.

“We had set up some shelters and she was with me and little Angel almost was in the trap and she pouted her little bottom in there and we found out that Angel was pretty friendly and so Susie decided that this one had to be kept,” Favorite said.

From there, Angel’s Wish TNR was birthed.

“Angel’s Wish, we find them homes. The TNR is for the ferals,” she said.

The two told us since they began, they’ve been able to fix and save over 300 cats — but they say the bigger issue is still at hand.

“Kitties pro-create so quickly. A mother cat can start producing at 6 months old. Her babies can start producing at 6 months old. Female cats can have up to three litters a year and that pro-creation just continues, and continues and continues,” Cole said, which is why they do what they do.

The goal is to eliminate the growing population of cats that can’t be cared for, but running an operation of this sort with vet bills, feeding and housing quickly adds up — especially when it’s coming out of their own pockets.

“We need about $6,000 a month to really run this and it’s really, really hard,” Favorite said.

They say donations here and there help out along the way, but there’s another contribution that’s just as helpful.

“Fosters are really important. Right now we have nine kittens being bottled fed by fosters because we have way too many kittens with no mommy,” Favorite said.

“I would say deciding to foster was kind of an easy idea because if you have the time then it’s a good way to see if you’re ready for a commitment of a pet and it’s a good way to help out as well if you’re not ready to commit permanently to a pet,” foster Ashlynn Moore said.

Favorite and Cole told us their hope is to eventually get some help from the city, but until then, they say they’ll keep doing the groundwork and shining a light on a serious issue.

Angel’s Wish does still need volunteers, fosters or those interested in adopting.

If you’re interested in helping in anyway, CLICK HERE.

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