MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Pet stores and animal shelters are popular places to adopt a new furry family member.

At Pet Parade, animals have come and gone the same day but how are adoptions looking?

During the pandemic, the nation saw a huge jump in animal adoptions.

Here in the Peace Garden State, adoptions are actually slowing down.

“It’s been quite a bit lower, we haven’t really been getting very many puppies in, you know it’s just kind of the way it is, our people that we have been working with are just getting older, but when we do get puppies in. They are gone usually within the same day,” said Pet Parade Manager Crystal Wing.

Recently Minot has seen more people come in to adopt reptiles now that the city has made them legal.

Crystal Wing, the manager of Pet Parade in Minot, says there have been more people looking for more unique pets.

“It is more of a variety, you know we sell guinea pigs a lot faster. The reptiles that, you know, don’t usually sell immediately go a lot faster so it’s kind of nice that there’s more variety that people are trying to expand what they carry,” added Wing.

According to ASPCA, 4.1 million shelter animals are adopted yearly.

In the Minot area numbers during and after the pandemic have stayed the same.

“We weren’t as affected by COVID as a lot of places were so our, it stayed fairly steady, you know we have a lot of repeat customers,” said Wing.

Even though the numbers have slowed down, adoptions are still around average.

Dogs, cats, fish and birds remain to be the top four animals in the nation.

For more information on animal adoptions, visit the Pet Parade website.