The 40th Annual Winter Daze is a week dedicated to encouraging the community to participate in recreational activities, one being a co-ed volleyball tournament.

The tournament drew players from all over the state.

Players traveled from Minot and Fargo to bring some heat to the courts in Mandan.

“I play three nights a week. I usually keep up with practice,” contestant Jena Wolf said.

Seven teams competed for the best title along with some prizes.

Mark Jennings traveled from Washburn, and it was his first time entering the tournament.

“I play competitive ball outside of this and do a little coaching on the side, so I have a pretty good feeling what I’m getting into,” Contestant Mark Jennings said.

As it was exciting for some players, it was exhausting for Jena Wolf.

“I’m ready to be done, my body is a little tired, but it’s been fun,” Wolf said.

Knocking the ball over the net wasn’t just fun to players but also for the ones ensuring the rules of the game were followed.

“They would cheer, there was a little talking back and forth. It’s really fun to referee, they get really into it and it’s fun to watch,” Referee Madaline Cooper said.

First time players like Jennings see a spot on the court next year when the activity returns once again.

“It’s been pretty competitive; it’s been a lot of fun. I think everyone has enjoyed the tournament,” Jennings said.

Mandan Parks and Recreation organized the week of events, which has been going on since 1982.

Out of the seven teams competing, the Ace Holes won the tournament and took home some koozies and T-shirts.