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It’s been said that one of the deepest needs we have as humans is to feel loved and connected.

In this day and age of being busy working or being a stay at home parent, connections are few and far between, unless it’s on social media.

We talked to Aleisha Frohlich, a Health Coach at Dakota Natural Health Center who said she feels our culture is getting farther away from an organic connection. People assume digital connectedness is enough to satisfy their needs and she’d like to invite people to seek deeper relationships in their community.

“With all the social media there is less real interaction between people,” says Frohlich.

Instead of isolating ourselves, she encourages others to step out of their comfort zones and seek out like-minded or “like-season” people.

You can do this by utilizing digital apps like Meetup or Peanut.

Meetup is a service used to organize online groups that host in-person events for people with similar interests. Whether you’re looking for your next kayak partner or wanting to collaborate with like-minded people, Meetup provides 24 categories of events to choose from (food & drink, music, photography, beliefs, etc.). 

Peanut is the app referred to as “Tinder for moms” because it connects mothers by letting them swipe each other’s profiles

“If you’re a mom, I know how hard it can be to connect with others. There’s an app called Peanut that you can download straight to your phone,” adds Froelich. “Think of it as a Mom Friend app, where you can find local moms in your area to connect with. It’s so helpful!”

“We interact less in person than ever before. And this can cause feelings of loneliness and that can lead to isolation — especially as we come into new and different season in our lives,” says Froelich. Many times, it feels hard and so different that it just seems easiest to pull away until, hopefully, this season passes.”

She adds, “I think if we don’t seek out connections, we become very unhappy with our lives. We camp out in a place that is lonely and dark. We focus on our sad and negative things in life instead of moving forward to find the good, positive connections.”

Modern-day women and moms use technology for ease, so it’s natural they’d use it to meet other women like them. It’s just simple and easy to connect online and then have the option to take that connection to the next level and meet face to face.

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