BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The little town of Hebron has done one thing right for over a hundred years: turn out bricks.

Bricks themselves are thousands of years old.

They come from clay, which North Dakota has plenty of, making our state one of the most successful brick makers in the Upper Midwest.

So how is the brick industry in our state today?

Hebron Brick, the only brick manufacturer in North Dakota, has been around since 1904.

And like the company, bricks have withstood the test of time.

And while the styles have changed and they’ve become more advanced, bricks remain a big piece of construction and continue to be in demand.

“We always say even like clothing, whatever was worn in the ’80s is probably coming back 20 years later or something like that. Brick is always, it’s always been very stately,” said Mark Peterich, an architectural sales representative, Hebron Brick

In recent years, Hebron Brick designed a thin brick that can be used as an alternative to traditional bricks.

The thin brick is three inches thinner and 70% lighter than traditional brick, but just as durable.