While some of us are planning for Thanksgiving next week, others are already getting ready for Christmas — but there may be some method to the madness.

Normally most people wait until after Thanksgiving to get out the tree and decorations, but 2020 is anything but normal. We spoke to a few people who say they are looking to spread a little holiday cheer early this year.

2020 has been hard on all of us. Schools look different, and eating out. Also, some of the year’s biggest events canceled.

“When we stack challenges on top of challenges, we begin to feel that. Not only psychologically with our mental health but also physically,” said Heidi Woods, Mindfulness educator.

Woods says the holiday season is the perfect time to get over that hump. From homes to your favorite stores, and even in the middle of the city, Christmas decorations are already starting to pop up. Some people say it gives them an extra burst of excitement, and they might be right.

Woods said, “It releases serotonin in the brain. So there is a science behind having a Christmas tree up and having the home lit up and decorated. I think frankly, Christmas is a time for magic and we could all use a little magic in our lives right now.”

“Actually my husband and I are on our way to buy decorations for outside. I’m so excited,” said Minot resident Nancy Scofield.

Scofield says normally she would wait until the traditional day after Thanksgiving to put things up, but not this year.

“We need to do this now. Let’s experience the Christmas spirit right now. It’s perfect weather.
Perfect time to decorate because it’s warm outside,” added Scofield.

So whether you’re putting up Christmas decorations early or have your favorite holiday tunes on repeat — the experts agree it’s not too early to spread some holiday cheer.

“Put up a Christmas tree, hang the lights, go all out like Will Ferrell does in Elf, and hang things from the ceiling. Just find the joy in little things,” added Woods.

We wanted to know if other people were getting into the holiday spirit as well, so we took a quick poll on Facebook. We found that 71% of people say they are and 29% say they are waiting until after Thanksgiving.

To see more of the beautiful decorations in our area, click our Facebook post below!