As hotter days are on the way, here’s some tips on how you — and your pets — can stay safe

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With temperatures touching triple digits this week, staying safe should be a top priority.

With the rapid temperature change, health officials say it could be very damaging — causing heat-related illnesses like heat cramps, heat exhaustion or heatstroke.

“Just being outside and not acclimated to the heat like it’s coming on so fast, that might be one reason someone is going to get heatstroke. And the other one is like prolonged exercise or work in a very hot environment as well,” explained Dawn Mayer, the Child Passenger Safety Program Director for the North Dakota Department of Health.

Mayer says too often kids are left in cars during the hot summer months.

“Whether they’re in the shade or not, the hot weather cars can heat up five, or three to five minutes faster in the summer. And the degrees within 10 minutes will rise 20 degrees really fast,” explained Mayer.

Just like you would take the necessary precautions for yourself when temperatures are high, you also need to take them for your four-legged friends.

“Just like people, they need constant hydration fresh cool water. Whether you throw a bucket of ice cubes out and let them melt for the day that’s fine, but dehydration is the number one thing we are seeing,” explained Terri Woo, a volunteer for Furry Friends Rockin Rescue.

Woo also says if it’s too hot for you to walk without shoes, it’s too hot for their paws.

They also say finding shelter should be another priority in hot temperatures.

“If people are letting their pets be outside for a long time they have to make sure that they have a source for shelter with an ease of breezeway through it. On days when it’s 90 degrees out and it’s stale out and there’s no wind going through, those animals they suffer really quite fastly,” explained Woo.

The rescue adds when it’s hot outside, before sunrise and after sunset are the best times to walk your pet.

The Department of Health says staying hydrated with water and staying away from sugary and alcoholic drinks also helps with the heat.

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