MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Aspire Credit Union in Minot is extending hours to add late-night services, education, and loan application perks for those who show up.

According to a news release, they are kicking off the event on Tuesday, February 21, and are excited to provide the extended hours to 7:30 p.m. for members to come and do their business.

In addition to serving their members, they are inviting the community to their location at 1430 South Broadway to learn about how credit unions are different and to have the chance to open a membership with them.

The drive-thru is also going to be open with the extended hours.

“We are excited to launch our educational series,” said the CEO of Aspire Credit Union, Mindee Kohlman. “It’s been something we have talked about for a while, and we are pleased to offer extended hours in conjunction with our seminars.”

Aspire Credit Union is going to pair late nights with different educational topics that members are concerned about quarterly, and they will have training sessions twice.

The first series will focus on Credit Cards and Fraud. This is for anyone who has ever wondered about credit cards, how they affect credit scores, why you should spend less than the limit, or how to manage credit card debt. It’ll be a 20-minute seminar.

Any member, or non-member, that comes to Aspire to open an Aspire Credit Union Visa Credit Card in the month of February will get double points on all transactions made in the first 30 days (subject to credit approval and membership eligibility).

Fraud will be the second topic. Fraudsters don’t discriminate when they are looking for find victims to fall for their schemes. This topic will be perfect for all ages. Aspire will give pointers on how to protect the cards you already have.

And if you’ve ever wondered who takes care of those transactions when the Credit Union refunds fraudulent charges, they will be talking about that too.

A good tip? When in doubt, stop in, text, or call them directly at (701) 837-5353.

For those in the community who are in the market and looking to apply for a loan or to open a credit card, they are extending special offers for those that go to the credit union during the late-night hours.

Aspire will waive document fees for any member or non-member who goes to the credit union from 5:30-7:30 p.m. and apply for a loan or open a new credit card. All loans qualify for the promotion and are subject to normal credit approval and analysis.