MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Overly wet conditions are causing water breaks across our communities.

Minot officials report 65 water main breaks in 2022, and seven so far this year.

But city leaders say there is a way to prevent the water break.

Residents who receive a letter from the city are instructed to let a stream of water, roughly the size of a pencil, run from one faucet in their home, until further notice.

This city will let residents know when faucets can be shut off after crews notice the frost line receding.

If you are one of the 95 residents who receive this ‘freeze-up’ letter, the city will adjust your water bill accordingly, and you will not be charged for the extra water usage.

95 letters have been sent out to residents who live in older buildings with shallow water lines.

Residents can contact the water and sewer department or the number on the screen with any questions.