MANDAN, N.D. (KXNET) — Whether you love airplanes, craft beer — or maybe you love both — there’s an event for you happening Thursday night in Mandan.

The seventh Props and Hops event will be held at the Mandan Aero Center on Thursday.

This is the event’s seventh year, and this year, the proceeds will go towards scholarships for aircraft mechanics and pilots and to help with the industry shortage.

Organizers at the event say the event attracts all different kinds of people, and it’s a great way to learn about your local aviation groups.

“Big plane fans, big craft beer drinker fans, stuff like that, and there’s something for everyone,” said Shae Helling, the director of FBO operations and marketing at Bismarck Aero Center. “There is some beer there, but all ages are welcome, you know, to come look at aircraft, and getting up close and personal with an airplane, you just get to see kids’ eyes get huge, and they love being able to see planes and what it’s like and get close.”

Helling says the center is right by the Mandan airport, and there will be organizers there to help you find parking.

The event lasts until 9 Thursday night.