Badlands Big Sticks owner ‘Mr. Clean’ plans a big haircut for a good cause

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One man is using his hair as a way to raise money for a local organization.

Dickinson’s very own Mr. Clean is giving back with his beard.

Dave Ouellette has been shaving his head and face for the last 30 years, but over the last 10 months, he decided to see where not shaving would take him — pretty much leaving him unrecognizable.

“I just decided to save some money on razors and I quit shaving and then as the time went by I continued to get longer and longer of course,” said Ouellette.

Ouellette planned on shaving a while ago but decided to step into the role of Santa, not once but twice.

“It got too close to Christmas and my grandkids started calling me Papa Santa. So how am I going to shave now before Christmas? So then I held off till Christmas and now Christmas is over and I’m ready,” explained Ouellette.

Just about a month after Christmas, he’s decided to use his long-anticipated hair cut alongside the Badlands Big Sticks, which he is also the owner of, to raise money for the Little Buddy Foundation.

“Something that we can do locally and I’d be happy to volunteer to be part of it somehow. And I don’t care if they want to shave me and make me look goofy. I don’t care. I’ll hold it for as long as I need to if it can benefit somebody,” explained Ouellette.

“It’s one of those situations where each prosthetic costs a little bit different amount of money. So Dave and his gang thought, ‘Hey, we could help you if there’s any way, we could help this is the way we would like to do it,'” explained Greg Pruitt, Founder of the Little Buddy Foundation.

The foundation was originally funded by Coach Pruitt’s coaching salary, but as it continues to grow, more and more people donate to help at least one kid get a prosthetic.

“The Little Buddy Foundation, we’ve upgraded the application process where people reach out to us which has really helped us out a lot,” said Pruitt.

The foundation’s next recipient is baby girl Veronica out of Minnesota who will receive a prosthetic hand to help her learn how to crawl.

There are two styles up for debate for Ouellette’s new look: a monkey tail beard or a mohawk.

They have a goal of $1,500. If you would like to do donate here is the link:

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