In this week’s business beat, a business in Minot is closing its doors after 44 years.

Cal-Dak Cabinets opened in 1975 offering custom cabinets for residential and commercial businesses. But, the company hasn’t only done business in Minot; they’ve done work in 26 states, and even internationally in Japan.

The owner’s daughter and son-in-law started managing it six years ago, but it’s difficult for them to find employees.

“It’s tough. Just earlier today, I was visiting with an individual, basically reminiscing about when we started the business and we started it with nothing. And, we had a $2,500 loan that we were able to buy some from equipment from a gentleman out of Jamestown. We never had a grand opening, we just quietly started the business,” said Cal-Dak owner Gary Price.

The company is having an auction to sell cabinets and tools.

It starts on Sept. 30 and ends on Oct. 17.

Click here for the auction site.