WILTON, N.D. (KXNET) — Beef, it’s what’s for dinner. That’s also the case for many North Dakotans across the state.

In Monday’s Destination Dakota Taylor Aasen beefed it up.

Pearson’s Green Acres Meats is a local butcher shop located in Wilton, North Dakota.

The shop started out as a custom processing shop and then moved into the retail business in May. All of their meat is raised in their own farmyard.

“We’re locally operated, we work really hard to do what’s right. We raise our own cattle and we put that product back into our store. We do no growth hormones and no antibiotics, and we hang them for about three weeks. So, they’re good, nice, and tender, a good cut of meat,” said Summer Pearson, the operations manager at Pearson’s Green Acres Meats.

The Pearson’s added that they are having a holiday giveaway that’s worth over $200 this month for every customer that comes into the store and makes a purchase. The winner will be announced on Friday.