MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A new therapy facility has made its way to the Peace Garden State, and only recently did medical insurance cover this type of treatment.

Applied Behavior Analysis, also known as ABA is a scientific evidence-based theory, that uses data analysis.

However medical insurance didn’t start covering it until 10 years ago.

“It became a medically necessary service for individuals, mainly that are autistic, we do provide services or can provide services for anyone, and ABA isn’t just geared towards individuals with autism or autistic,” said Board Certified Behavioral Analyst, Elise Felicio.

Being fairly new to the Minot area, Fountain Behavioral Services realizes the high demand for facilities like this.

The demand is so high that two similar facilities in Minot have waitlists.

When the individual comes in, they already have a plan set for them that the BCBA’s have gone through with the patient and their parents, if the patients are children.

“We get together and we create this plan, and we have registered behavioral technicians, that will implement these things using like I said positive reinforcement,” added Felicio.

This facility makes sure that its clients receive the correct treatment.

Many of the patient’s main goals and needs are communication, as well as calming tactics.

“Things like using communication a lot of our clients sometimes don’t know how to communicate properly, like their needs, and so we will teach them how to do that, and some of them, it might be from ranging with like using a tablet,” said Felicio.

Fountain services are also providing their service to those who need speech therapy and occupational therapy.

Fountain Behavioral Services also offers in-home services and will be hosting an open house on November 10.