BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Have you ever wanted to learn how operations are run in your city? How the city budget is determined, day to day operations of the police department, or how the water treatment plant works?

Well, the City of Bismarck is holding the Bismarck Citizen Academy to cover all those things and more.

This is the second annual Citizen Academy. Last year’s pilot project was eight weeks long with a group of 12 residents. This time around, there will be a class of 20 residents over 13 weeks. And all 14 departments of the city will come with a three-hour class and a tour.

“This year the advantage is, as we shared a few departments last time, it became really tough to get all the information in an hour and a half. So, this year we can spend a full three hours at the event center, the airport, with public health, the police department, the fire station. We’ll do tours of all of those facilities,” said Jason Tomanek, the assistant city administrator for The City of Bismarck.

The citizen academy participants will meet every Thursday starting January 5 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

There will be hands-on activities as well as classroom-style lessons. The city wants to provide in-depth, behind-the-scenes education about what makes Bismarck operate.

“You hear that word in government all the time, transparency, transparency. Well, what does it look like for the City of Bismarck? This is what it looks like. We are going to show as much as we can and tell our story to share that information. We know there are people that have questions and want to learn about the city,” said Tomanek.

Applications for the class are open through the month of November. City members will score each applicant. The top 20 will be contacted in December.