BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but the disease can show up in different ways.

KX News talked with supervisors at the Bismarck Cancer Center to find out some of the warning signs for cancer.

According to the CDC, breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women in the United States.

Breast cancer is a disease in which cells in the breast grow out of control. There are different kinds of breast cancer.

Officials say the kind of breast cancer depends on which cells in the breast turn into cancer.

“October is a very important month. And so we really encourage you, women, or really anybody to take care of themselves. So, do self-exams, and if you see something or just feel off, you know yourself the best, better than anybody. Visit your doctor. Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait. If you’re alarmed, then get it taken care of, get it checked out,” said Aasta, Eggert, the community relations coordinator at Bismarck Cancer Center.

Eggert also mentions the importance of routine checkups with your doctor as well as staying on top of having routine mammograms.

The Bismarck Cancer Center would also like to invite the public to their cancer awareness events happening throughout the month.

“October is crazy for us. We have next week starting with our Runnings Ladies night. Then we are having bingo at Lucky’s Bar next week Friday. Then we have our Bucks for Bra event, one of our big events we put on here at the Cancer Center. Our Bucks for Bra event, next week, two weeks from now on October 25th. And then we will have our spook out event that we have at Pucklich that is a trick or treating event that we have for kids in town,” Eggert explained.

The Bismarck Cancer Center would like you to note a change in location for the Bucks for Bras event since Borrowed Bucks closed. It will now take place October 25 at the Bismarck Elks from 5:30-10:30 p.m.