Kayla Olson is like many mothers faced with finding baby formula and she is doing whatever it takes, refusing to give up on the search. The shortage is forcing her to take drastic measures.

“My alarm goes off and I’ve literally been able to check about five different websites or so to see if I can find it on those websites,” Olson said.

Olson is also a wife and mother to a five and 12-year-old.

On the other hand, Luke, her 16-month-old child has a different story about how he was brought into the world. He was born with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia and spent six months in the hospital. Olson could only breastfeed Luke for up to a year.

“We needed formula to fortify the breast milk so that it had enough calories for him or more calories for him because he wasn’t quite able to gain weight on the breast milk alone,” Olson said.

Luke receives three eight-ounce formula feeds through a G-tube every day and his mother hopes to not have to change the formula he is already used to.

“Normally a baby will transition to something like whole milk around that one-year mark. Luke, he needed a little bit more of that nutrition which the formula provides but we haven’t been able to find it,” Olson said.

North Dakota American Academy of Pediatrics President Dr. Kathy Anderson shared why it is important to use approved baby formula products.

“The American Pediatrics right now is recommending that families stay if they’re formula feeding their children with FDA approved infant formula. A milk-based formula or if your child is taking a soy-based formula,” North Dakota American Academy of Pediatrics President and General Pediatrician Nurturing Wellness Dr. Kathy Anderson said.

Something Olson is trying her best to do.

“I’ve had it happen where I’ve gotten a few things off Facebook marketplace type things. I have ordered directly from Abbott where Similac is made, and I’ve gotten a couple of shipments that way,” Olson said.

“The recommendation is to try to have 10 to 14 days of formula on hand for feeding your child to allow everybody to be able to feed their babies,” Dr. Anderson said.

Olson also has other mom friends in her situation helping where they can to support each other.

“I look for hers, she looks for mine and we’ve got a couple of moms out there doing that,” Olson said.