BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — In North Dakota, the biking community is large and growing. With warmer weather here, motorcycles and bikes are out and about. Because gas prices are high right now, some people are turning to a different set of wheels.

It’s no secret that inflation is causing prices to go up for just about everything. From gas to buying a new set of wheels, the prices are now a bit more expensive.

However, since the pandemic, people are itching to go outdoors to feel the wind on their faces.

“We have seen an increase in sales moving from about 2019 and on, essentially through COVID kind of boosted our sales, and we’ve had about a 20 percent increase I would say on product,” said Harris Huizenga, a salesman at Full Throttle Motorsports.

Huizenga said over the last couple of years, prices have gone up and sales have too, and they still are.

“Sales are still strong,” Huizenga said. “There’s a lot of popularity in the motorcycle industry, ATV, side by sides and jet skis all had strong sales through the quarter.”

Because of the high gas prices, some have resorted to the old-fashioned pedal bike instead of a motorized one.

Jairo Ramos, service manager at 701 Cycle and Sport, said that he has noticed an increase in sales with a certain kind of bike this year.

“The type of bicycle that has increased in sales are the hybrids, the bicycles that are good for riding in the city, commuting, comfort kind of bikes. They have increased probably 50 percent,” Ramos explained.

Ramos said that bikes are at least $100 or more these days, but people are still buying them.

“After COVID, we noticed that customers are getting used to waiting a long time and they are getting used to higher prices. So, at this point, they either pay $100 or more, or they don’t ride bicycles for a whole season,” Ramos said.

Ramos said that people have been bringing in old bikes or trying to make their own by buying parts online. But Ramos said at the end of the day, it all costs the same as buying a brand new bike in store.

“As a mechanic, customers shouldn’t be doing that, but at the same time, if customers do that, then we make money,” explained Ramos.

Yes, the gas prices are high right now, but the people in North Dakota have to keep moving, and they continue to do so. Just remember, when the weather is nice this summer, bike safely on the road.