A proposal at the State Capitol aims to have more polling locations open on Election Day.

House Bill 1238 states that any city that has a population of over 1,000 people must have at least one polling location on the day of statewide elections.

During testimony Thursday morning, one question that was raised is whether it would be possible to staff so many voting sites.

The Association of Counties said it expects that wouldn’t be an issue.

Rep. Jim Kasper, who introduced the bill, says rural North Dakotans shouldn’t have to travel so far just to cast a vote.

“We have inclement weather that you can’t travel 50 miles to vote. They’ve been looking all forward on Election Day and they can’t get there. So we need to have polls available for our citizens of our state to be able to vote. That’s one of the primary purposes of House Bill 1238,” said Kasper.

The bill also would also require each legislative district to have at least one polling place.