BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Some city buses are getting an update to make public transportation less of a hassle, and a quicker experience for riders.

Each one of Bis-Man transits Capitol Area Transit buses, otherwise known as CAT buses are running on systems that they call outdated.

After exploring options Bis-Man Transit will be updating their fareboxes to the Fast Fare Gen Fare boxes.

Allowing riders to use open-source payments and credit cards on the buses.

“The existing fareboxes definitely do not have that technology, it is something that only the new system will support. So, better accessibility for the payment side of things, also, it’s really going to speed up the process of boarding passengers,” said Bis-Man Transit Executive Director, Deidre Hughes.

Bis-Man Transit currently has nine fixed-route buses, and Hughes hopes to have all the buses in their fleet installed with the new fareboxes by the end of March.