“Everybody loves trying new things, and the cook-offs that we do is a great way to do that. We also do that because it gives us the opportunity to give back to the community,” Bisman Community Food Co-op General Manger Shirley Reese said.

Who has the best tasting chili? That is one question left up to the taste testers.

A total of nine chilis were entered in a cook off benefiting Closet 127.

“It’s different spices that I use, what I like is flavor and not so much the heat,” Chili Contestant Pat Mccone said.

Chili ranging from bean ribeye to cajun were entered.

“I like to use as many local vegetables as possible. It’s a little difficult in the winter season in North Dakota, but I was able to get some local garlic and tomatoes,” Contestant Jessica Weisz said.

Despite the competition, it was fun and for a good cause.

Proceeds from the event, which suggested a $5 donation, go directly to Closet 127, a nonprofit that gives free clothing and house items to those in need.

“For individuals and families who are starting over, living an unhealthy situation, we invite them to come in and shop with us. We ask them just to make a donation. We’re not a store, we don’t sell anything,” Closet 127 founder Rachael Howard said.

Howard also said that this cook-off will help with utility costs and rent.

“We are just so thankful and humbled by the amount of support in the community, people that want the program to succeed, because that way they are helping the community succeed,” Howard said.

The Food Co-Op said they plan to make this an annual tradition every January.

About $400 were raised from the cook-off, all going to Closet 127.

Jessica Weisz’s Bean Ribeye Chili won 1st place.