Around this time last year, the majority of local restaurants were solely relying on to-go orders to stay afloat.

During a time when their patios would typically be packed, local restaurants closed their doors due to COVID-19 restrictions. Now, restaurants are rebuilding and need continued support.

Phil Schultz founded the BisMan Eats Facebook group. He says, “In all honesty, we know you have bills. The bills didn’t stop when the customers stopped coming in when all the restrictions were placed. So it’s just time for us to get back together and unite as a community.”

Schultz is a Bismarck photographer who wants to support mom-and-pop restaurants in the area. So, he started BisMan Eats Facebook group that’s grown to over 3,000 members in less than a month.

Schultz says, “2020 was very rough on all of us. Especially for the local restaurants, there’s been a lot of closures. There’s actually closures happening as we speak.”

So how does the group work? Members will go into the restaurants, order food, and take pictures of it. They will then share the pictures along with a review of their experience in the group.

Schultz adds, “It’s not meant to trash restaurants or anything like that but we do want honest reviews.”

Another community member agrees, support means everything right now.

Patience Mosbrucker from Bismarck shares, “They support all our sports teams, our bands, our community. That’s why it’s important to make every effort to support them.”

So, what’s next for the group?

Schultz says, “A lot of charity events and things we’re gonna be focusing on just raising money for a bunch of different causes.”

Schultz also mentioned there will be weekly posts with deals, coupons, and contests to win gift cards to your favorite places to munch.

Patience adds, “The energy has completely changed. It’s just fantastic to see people going out and doing their part to support all of our community local owned businesses.”

BisMan Eats is looking for restaurants to partner with for gift card giveaways.

For more information on the group and how to partner with the group, go here.