BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The Bismarck Airport is gearing up for 2023. And this year, the airport will see a few changes heading its way.

With all of the snow we have seen this winter, the airport plans on building dorms for the maintenance crew there. So, instead of sleeping on a couch or in someone’s office during dangerous winter weather, they will have a housing unit of their own.

Another project that’s underway is a plan to construct a new building for their snow removal maintenance crew, too. The current building they have is outdated, it was built in the 1960s, and it’s filled with equipment, along with the other maintenance building.

So, the new building for the maintenance crew will allow them to consolidate all of their equipment into one large building. The airport’s Wetland Project has been one that’s been happening for 15 years.

This year, the airport will complete phases five and six and begin phase seven of a nine-phase project.

“Wildlife and aircraft don’t mix. So, we want to remove any attractants that we have. And that’s the primary reason for the safety of the traveling public. So, it removes some of the groundwater away from the new runway so we don’t get that freeze and thaw and we can continue to protect that investment as well,” said Matthew Remynse the Bismarck Airport marketing and operations manager.

This year, the airport will also be conducting a terminal study. It will determine whether or not to expand the airport by looking at how many flights are going out, how many people are flying, and what destinations they’re going to.

The public will be welcome to comment later this year.