BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — People flying out of Bismarck are seeing a major change as they go through airport security.

This month, the Transportation Security Administration installed three new computed tomography machines in Bismarck.

The scanners are built by the company Analogic and use 3-D imaging scans to look for dangerous items in people’s carry-on bags. For travelers, this new technology means they will no longer have to take items out of their bags before going through airport checkpoints.

“When we introduce technology like this, it kind of lets us re-direct our staff to other jobs,” TSA Regional Spokesperson, Jessica Mayle said. “When we can find things that technology can do better or more efficiently than humans, there are always things we’ll need humans to do. And for that reason, it does free up our staff to work where we really need them.”

The company has already received almost $800 million from the TSA to put the new scanners in airports all over America.